Audio Post Production

The Most Important Part of Any Film is How it Sounds!

I help indie filmmakers and content creators bring their projects to life with story-first audio post production!

Audio is 50% of the film. Don't just give it 10% effort!

Making a film is hard work! Between writing the script, funding, filming, editing, and more it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the process. Unfortunately, audio is almost always the first to get pushed aside when things get busy. And this will ruin your film! It’s been said that audio is 50% of the experience. In my biased opinion I’d raise that closer to 80% depending on genre!

Don’t leave your story to chance! Experienced producers know the best way to bring a vision to life is to build a team of professionals to support it. I’ll work with you to grasp the story you want to tell and will take care of building your world sonically so you can focus on building your world visually!

Sonic Branding

Every memorable film has one thing in common: custom sounds. I'll work to come up with custom sonic branding for your story that will help it stand out!

Stem Deliverables

Stems are necessary for any film. Especially those that are sold overseas and need to be dubbed into different languages.

Up to 7.1 Surround

If your film will be shown in a theater then surround format is a must! I'm able to mix and deliver your project in either Stereo, 5.1, or 7.1 surround sound.

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Riki WatanabeRiki Watanabe
01:03 21 Jul 22
I have been working with Sean Crone Audio for years now, and all I can say is this guy knows what he is doing!! Very knowledgeable and skillful. I love working with Sean Crone Audio!!
Jordan AndertonJordan Anderton
18:13 19 Jul 22
Sean is amazing to work with. The quality far exceeded our expectations and is on the level of a multimillion dollar movie. He is someone we are sure to stay connected with and utilize often.
Coleman AndertonColeman Anderton
22:16 18 Jul 22
Sean is a professional in every way! He is so easy to work with and is a problem solver. He is very experienced and knows the intricacies of sound. Would hire him again in a heart beat.
Ames MediaAmes Media
03:36 17 Jul 22
This guy is a talented Professional, in the field, and in the studio!
River PinheyRiver Pinhey
02:40 17 Jul 22
I was able to work with Sean personally on short form video content and he is amazing to work with. He captured crisp and clean audio even when we were in harsh environments, so if you want amazing audio I easily recommend Sean Crone Audio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Revisions Free?

Revisions are free, within reason. The nature of this work requires a lot of back and forth between me and directors to get the sound just right. I won’t charge extra for that. 

But, if revision requests start to go beyond the initial scope of the project, a.k.a. “scope creep,” then I’ll let the director/producer know and budget will need to be increased accordingly.

Prices are on a project-by-project basis. Please fill out a quote request form so we can talk more about your story and needs. 

All sounds are properly licensed for commercial use. You’ll never have to worry about copyright claims due to audio! 

On average you can expect at least 1 hour work time per minute of film for a quick turnaround. For longer films with greater delivery needs expect 2-4 hours work time per minute of film. 

Please plan accordingly with any delivery due dates you may have or want to aim for when hiring out your audio! 3 days for a 90 minute feature is unreasonable. 

Re-recording Engineers are in charge of mixing the final “sound” of a film. They take all the Dialogue (Dx), Sound Effects (SFx), and Music (Msx) and mix them relative to each other while hitting a target program loudness. They’re the ones who help finalize the audible characteristic of your world and story!

A breakdown of my delivery specs can be found here, or by clicking Delivery Specs in the header. Please make sure to follow this exactly. Any projects submitted not following these guidelines will be rejected and asked to be corrected. 

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